21 Day Fix – Day 7

Week 1: accomplished! I lost 3 lbs and 1 inch off both my waist and my thighs. My goal was to lose 5 lbs so I’m pretty happy with the results so far! I’ve planned my meals for next week and now that I’m comfortable with the program I hope to try some new and different meals. This is such an exciting experience for me, I love cooking and eating this way!

The Workout: Yoga Fix

21 Day Fix - Yoga Fix - Warrior Pose

21 Day Fix - Yoga Fix - Angle Pose

21 Day Fix - Yoga Fix - Stand on Palms

It’s been a while since I’ve done yoga, but I remember enough of the poses that I went into this workout feeling fairly confident. What I failed to remember is how inflexible I’ve become. Couple that with kids running around and watching videos on the iPad on high volume, suffice to say it was not the most calming experience. The workout itself had most of the basic poses you’d expect like Sun Salute, Warrior Pose, and Angle Pose, but she did do them at a faster pace than I think most yogis would find appropriate. I didn’t mind the pace so much but did find myself watching the modifier since I wasn’t flexible enough for some of the poses. Then there were a series of stretches that I honestly think I should be doing every single day. I had no idea how tight my muscles were until Autumn had us do Stand on Palms, where basically you bend over far enough that your hands are flat on the floor and you stand on top of them for a deeper stretch. Holy moly. My lower back felt amazing after that one. There were more stretches that worked your legs, glutes, everything, and it was all difficult but felt so so so so good. It was the perfect way to end a week of hard work!

The Meals


21 Day Fix - Day 7 Breakfast - 1/2 Bagel
1/2 Bagel (1 yellow)

Snack #1

21 Day Fix - Snack - Banana and Peanut Butter
1 banana (1 purple) and 2 tsp peanut butter


21 Day Fix - Lunch - Chicken Sausage, Pasta, Broccoli
21 Day Fix - Day 7 Lunch - Chicken Sausage, Pasta, Broccoli
Chicken Sausage (1 red), Pasta (1 yellow), Broccoli (1 green)

I had some leftover pasta salad from last night’s cookout so I threw that together with some Italian style chicken sausage and roasted broccoli. A little more labor intensive since I didn’t have the sausage and broccoli prepared ahead of time, but it was totally worth the effort.

Snack #2

21 Day Fix - Snack - Apple
Apple (1 purple)


21 Day FIx - Dinner - Fajita Chicken Dinner
21 Day Fix - Dinner - Fajita Chicken
Chicken (1 red), Veggies (1 green), Cheese (1 blue), Plain Greek Yogurt (1 red), Salad (1 green), Dressing (1 orange)

I finally got a chance to try the 21 Day Fix Southwest seasoning recipe and it’s delicious! I used it here in a tortilla-less fajita dinner. Who needs tortillas when you’ve got all those lovely veggies? I coated the sliced chicken breasts with the seasoning, sprayed a pan with cooking spray and cooked them til they were browned. In a separate pan, I sauteed the onions and peppers with water until they browned a bit as well. It’s a perfect meal with a little cheese, hot salsa, and a dollop of plain Greek yogurt on top, paired with a salad and Balsamic dressing.

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2 Comments on “21 Day Fix – Day 7

  1. Unfortunately no, the yogurt is a red due to the high protein content. Sour cream does not have enough protein to be considered a red.


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