21 Day Fix – Day 17

The Meals


21 Day Fix Breakfast - 2 eggs and toast

2 eggs (1 red), 1 slice of toast (1 yellow)

Snack #1

Shakeology - Peaches and Cream
Peaches and Cream Shakeology (1 red, 1 purple)


21 Day Fix - Zesty Sriracha Shrimp and Quinoa
21 Day Fix - Zesty Sriracha Shrimp and Quinoa
Shrimp (1 red), Quinoa (1 yellow), Salad (1 green), Dressing (1 orange)

I just had to make that Zesty Sriracha Shrimp and Quinoa for lunch again since it was such a nice treat last week! I like to use half the soy sauce and twice the Sriracha.

Snack #2

21 Day Fix - Banana and Peanut Butter
1 banana (1 purple) and 2 tsp peanut butter


21 Day Fix - Stuffed Peppers and Sweet Baked Broccoli
Green Pepper (1 green), Ground Turkey (1 red), Cheese (1 blue), Baked Broccoli (1 green)

Stuffed peppers are a favorite around here, and already super healthy so they’re perfect for the Fix. Ground turkey is seasoned with onion powder, salt, Worcestershire, and garlic powder then mixed with diced tomatoes, bell pepper, a little marinara sauce and cheese. I like to top the meat mixture with a little more cheese after stuffing it in the pepper and baking it til the cheese is melted. Pair that with some Sweet Baked Broccoli, this time made without oil and only a drizzling of agave nectar to make it Fix-friendly, you’ll leave the dinner table satisfied.

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3 Comments on “21 Day Fix – Day 17

  1. Hi Sarah, that’s a great question. I cut the tops off and core the peppers, then boil them in a giant pot for about 5 minutes. Then I pat the peppers dry and arrange them in a casserole dish. Next I brown the meat and season it, then mix in the sauce, tomatoes, cheese, and chopped peppers. Then I fill the peppers with that mixture and top each with a little more cheese. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or until the cheese is nice and melted. I like to tent the dish with tin foil for the first 15-20 minutes, then remove it for the last 5-10 minutes.


  2. How exactly do you make the peppers? Do you brown the meat before hand or bake it raw with the pepper. How long do you bake the pepper and at what temp? Thanks!


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