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Flying Pig Half Marathon

Flying Pig Half Marathon

Lots of people have weight loss stories, myself included, but that’s not really what I’m here to talk about. This blog isn’t just about losing weight , it’s also about making choices to be healthier. Because really, being healthy these days isn’t always easy. Luckily Beachbody has lots of choices to fit your lifestyle and your needs. If your goal is to lose 50 lbs or just to maintain your current level of fitness, my goal is to support you in any way I can. I’m not a fitness expert or a dietitian, I’m just a person who’s gone through the same struggle you’re probably in right now. I know the only way you can get to where you want to be is through hard work and a strong support system, and if you bring the first part I’ll bring the latter.

I started my journey with Beachbody back in 2012. My youngest had just been born a few months prior and I was finding it impossible to lose the extra pregnancy weight. Not only was I heavier than I wanted to be, I was feeling exhausted and unhealthy. Like a lot of moms out there, I didn’t have time for the gym, but I knew I needed to do something. I ordered P90x and it was absolutely a turning point for me. Since then I have completed several rounds of P90x, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift, Focus T25, 21 Day Fix, and 21 Day Fix EXTREME. I’ve learned what eating healthy really looks like and exercise is a necessary part of my day. I’ve even run two half marathons. Life is good and I am happy because I’m making a conscience decision every day and I work hard at it. Let me say that again… I’m making a conscience decision every day and I work hard at it. That’s all you have to do: make a choice and work hard. It isn’t always easy but it is so worth it. Trust me, healthy feels happy!

Christy McClanahan
Independent Beachbody Coach


I want to be your coach!

  • I will help you select a fitness program to fit your lifestyle
  • I will help you come up with a healthy meal plan
  • I will help you “clean up” your favorite recipes, which could be featured on my blog
  • I will help you every step of the way!

If you have more questions, please contact me. If you’re ready to get started, signup at TeamBeachBody.com. Under the Coach Referral section, specify me as your coach using my:

  • Screen name: ChristyMcClanahan
  • Email: camcclana@gmail.com
  • Coach ID: 447265

If you currently have a Beachbody coach but would like to switch to me, follow these steps.

Join my team!

If you want to start earning money while helping others as a coach on my team, contact me!

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